Hello! I'm

and I'm a fullstack developer.

About me.

Hi I’m Jonathan - thanks for visiting my site!

I’m self taught full stack developer from the North West of England (just above Manchester).

I specialise in backend / infrastructure development and design, with years of experience working in languages such as C#, Python, Java, LUA and Typescript (including Javascript).

My experience.

I've been freelancing as a developer since the age of 13 (while in Year 9) and have built an extensive list of clientele around the globe. Digital Copyright Agencies to Manufacturers and retailers.

Shortly as I left sixth form I began consulting for multi-million pound companies to help them create their awesome products and services, allowing me to gain crucial real work experience of working with other software developers.

In more recent time I’ve been involved with a number of companies on the start-up scene, you can read a little bit more about those below.

My current projects.

Right now I'm split between a couple of companies.

MYMA - An IoT company offering solutions to billion dollar companies such as Bosch, Procter & Gamble, Electrolux and Apple. In March 2019 we joined a TechStars Accelerator program in Munich, Germany!

BattleCrate - A company I co-founded with Alan Doherty. Although it has been on the back burner while other projects took priority, we are hoping to be launching our revolutionary game hosting services by the beginning of Q3 2020.

Want to collaborate?

I’m always open to new project ideas and love to meet new people - if you think we could have an interesting conversation, get in touch!

[email protected]