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Software Engineer - Manchester, UK.

About me.

Hi I’m Jonathan - thanks for visiting my site!

I'm a self taught backend developer from the North West of England.

I specialise in backend / infrastructure development and design, with years of experience working in languages such as C#, Python, Java, LUA and Typescript.

My experience.

I started my software developer story at the age of 11 - I began to play a game called Roblox. After a year of building in-game scripts, I became more interested in general software development. This led me to start my first real job!

I began freelancing as a developer at age 13 (while in Year 9) and I built an extensive list of clientele around the globe. Shortly after I left sixth form I began consulting for multi-million pound companies to help them create their awesome products and services.

In more recent times, I’ve been been involved with a number of companies on the start-up scene - my current project is ServerFlex.

Want to collaborate?

I’m always open to new project ideas and love to meet new people - if you think we could have an interesting conversation, get in touch!

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